Tower of Fantasy – Interactive Map

After several months of work we can finally release the Tower of Fantasy V1.0 Interactive Map.

We would like to specially thank SOVA and Afrodiy, who share all the Map images with us. You can join their Tower of Fantasy Telegram group here.

The map has many features that we detail below.
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How to use the Map

At the top right you will find a drop down menu for choosing the language in which you want to see the map.

To the right and occupying the entire upper part of the map, you will find the map selection menu. Navigate between the different maps with just one click.

Below the logo and the language selection you will find three tabs:

  1. Markers
  3. Profile

1. In the first tab of Markers, you will see the different marks that the map has, and you will be able to show or hide them.

2. In the middle tab, Comments, you will see the users’ comments when you click on any of the markers on the map. Click in a marker and the Comments tab will open automatically.

3. In the last tab, Profile, you can login with a google account to use some extra features of the map, such as saving your progress, commenting on markers, rating your favorite comments and creating your own notes and markers.


In the Profile tab you can connect with your google account to use all the map functionalities.. Just click on the button «Login with Google«, and select the account you want to log in with.

Once logged in, from the Profile tab you can  choose your nickname (which will be shown in your comments on the map), see your overall progress, and  log out.
By logging in you will be able to use different functions and all the changes you make will be stored in your account. Every time you connect to the map with your user you can continue with your progress.


In the map window you will find different buttons both on the right and left side. When you hovering over each one, a window will pop up indicating what you can use them for, but let’s see in more detail what each one is for.

Right Buttons

   Find there the progress achieved on the map you are currently viewing.

  Fixes the position of pop-up windows in the lower left corner instead of viewing them over the map.

Left Buttons

  Hide the bar on the right and use the map on full window.

  Returns to the initial position and zoom of the map.

Click on the button and then click on a location in the map, you will get a link to that particular position to share it.

Find all the information about the Map and how it works.

Create notes on the map.

Create Lines and Arrows on the map.

Mark areas on the map.

Pop-up window:

Click on a mark on the map and a pop-up window will open. In this window you can mark the item as found, to keep track of your progress on the map.


By clicking on the different markers you will see the comments made by users. If you log in with your Google account, you can also vote for the best comments and make your own comments.

To make a comment click first on the marker, then select the language in which you will write the commentary and write it.
In addition to text you can add images from imgur and videos from YouTube.
Once your comment is ready, click on the post button.

Vote and Report

Below each comment you will see three options:

  Vote the comment positively to move it up in the list and be seen first.

 Downvote the comment to move it down the list and see it at the bottom of the list.

  Report comments that in your opinion have inappropriate content.

Comunidad en Español de Tower Of Fantasy

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